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Student testimonials

Every year students from all over the world study at NHNA and find a healthy life in our quality education

Age is Not an Issue

Thank you very much to NHNA and Dr. Jessie Chung for offering this nutrition course. I never thought that at the age of 61, I could still take the course. This course has helped me learn a lot about practical diet and knowledge, and I understand more about the whole health care management science, I hope everyone can live and learn.

Teacher shares clinical cases, practical and reliable

The most important thing is that his case study is very practical, with examples and patient histories, which should be used in addition to being read. The teacher has practical experience and can explain to us, which is very important.

Ben Yap /Developer

Patients can even be exempted from western medicine through nutritional correction

Can subsidize the way we Western medicine treatment, many think that after taking Western medicine everything is fine, lack of nutritional knowledge treatment still can not do 100% of the effect. For example, some patients with hypertension or diabetes, although they take medicine, but through nutritional correction, not only reduce the amount of medicine, some can even be free of western medicine. Through nutritional treatment, first, there are no side effects, and second, there is no need to take medicine forever, which is a way to kill two birds with one stone.

Dr. Danielle Wong /Doctor

Successfully lost 6 kg and did not regain weight

Learning a lot of things, including improving the way I eat, I managed to lose 6 kilos with no weight regain at all. The knowledge learned is practical and easy to use in life.

Ko Bi Wei /Medical Laboratory Technician

Not just a nutritionist, But a Nutritional Consultant

I was an assistant accountant. My health conditions started to decline drastically due to my stressful life. It was until I enrolled in NHNA's naturopathic courses. I can never deny that it was a life changing experience. NHNA's course utilizes part time study method, which has lessen my financial burden as I could still work when I study. After my graduation, I shifted my career path as a professional nutritional consultant. Besides taking care of my own health, I am able to help others to regain their health. It is less stressful too. I'm glad that I could live a healthier life now! Thank you NHNA!
Celestine See
Nutritional Consultant

Bringing the Curriculum to Life

The nutrition knowledge that I learned can be applied in life. It is practical, I could take care of my family's, friends' and my health.
Tan Hui Ching
Tan Hui Ching

Comprehensive, professional knowledge

Not just purely about diet and nutrition, I also benefited from comprehensive, professional knowledge of various natural remedies.
Faisal Bin Mansor
Faisal Bin Mansor
Marketing Manager

Changing my life

I learned from this course that emotions can have a big impact on health, and it has changed my life.
Lee Chee San
Lee Cheng San


The knowledge in the course is very practical. I know more about choosing the right diet. Enrolling in this course was so worth it!
Sia Eng Hai
Sia Eng Hai
Business Consultant

Get a several diplomas in a short time

Here, the course is not only concise and easy to understand, the instructor is also kind and friendly, and you can get several diplomas in a short time, so satisfied!
Choot Siok Peng
HR Manager

Better understanding of the importance of exercise

I have learned a lot about diet and nutrition, and I now take better care of my diet and understand the importance of exercise.
Hooi John Ee
Hooi John Ee
Sales Executive
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