Wild fruit fermentation to alleviate the post-covid symptoms & cancer | Prof.Dr.Korkina & Dr. Rebecca Tiew’s Webinar


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Wild Fermented Fruits for Covid19 & Cancer Recovery 2022🍁🍁🍁


Prof. Dr. Liudmila Korkina (MD, Detoxification Expert)

Dr. Rebecca Tiew* (BDS, ND, BTCM, EBDN)

*Comprehensive, Integrative, Naturopathic Doctor


🔖Can wild fermented fruits avelliate post-Covid symptoms? Such as memory impairment, headache, dizziness, emotional instability, dyspnea, heart pain, weakness, cough, night sweats?

🔖How can wild fermented fruits help in cancer prevention and treatments?

🔖Anti-inflammatory and immune system modulating effects of wild fermented fruits

🔖Latest clinical trials of Russian Nalchik State University and Rehabilitation Center Covid unit of State Hospital N1 in Nalchik, Russia