About us

About us

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“To convey a science-based training that encourages a local area of certain all encompassing nourishment experts who outfit the force of genuine food and engage individuals to reconnect with the inborn insight and interesting requirements of their bodies, in this manner supporting enduring wellbeing.”

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NHNA Value

Whether in the workplace, homeroom, or kitchen, the NHNA group lives by the accompanying basic beliefs:


We each offer novel qualities that might be of some value, and are urged to be our valid selves and put our best in all we do.


We pay special attention to one another, put the necessities of the group before our own, and are continuously ready to request help when we want it.

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We practice what we preach, honoring ancestral wisdom, focusing on The Foundations, and enjoying real food.


We endeavor to make the world a superior spot through training, motivation, and administration.


We are geeks and pleased with it. We continually try to grow our insight and abilities and offer what we've realized with the group.


We view our work in a serious way however try to have some good times en route, celebrate triumphs, and follow our happiness.
We care profoundly about one another, our understudies, and our planet, and are roused more by mission than wealth.

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A Forerunner in the Difference in the
Nutritional Paradigm

Natural Health Naturopathic (NHNA) changes the paradigm of nutrition by delivering an ancestral perspective with integrity that’s rooted in the power of real food and scientific function of the body. We go beyond food to include agricultural economic justice and environmental sustainability, championing sustainable local and organic food production, and the environment.

The NHNA’s passionate community has one dedicated focus: to deliver a science-based education that equips and connects a community of confident holistic nutrition professionals to harness the power of real food, reconnecting each person to the unique needs and innate wisdom of their bodies to support lasting wellness. 

While every community has its beliefs around what they eat, none match the dedication, passion, and knowledge of the NHNA’s community. Our instructors, staff, students, and graduates are unified by their common purpose and strong desire to help others.

Our mission is driven by our passionate students and graduates who make up our ever-expanding community of engaged, lifelong learners. As a student of the NHNA, you’ll gain knowledge about how to take control of your health and the health of those around you as well as participate in our worldwide community of like-minded individuals.