NHNA Founder

NHNA was consolidated as a professional nourishment school in 2006 by Dr Jessie Chung with the essential objective of preparing medical care specialists for the act of Dietary Treatment. Tending to nourishment according to an all-encompassing point of view and reconnecting individuals to mending food sources and dynamic well-being, NHNA is established on the convictions and lessons of such dietary spearheading greats as Dr Bernard Jenson, Dr Norman Walker, and Dr Korkina Ludmila, Dr Ilya Trakhtman, Dr Chiara De Luca are viewed as three of the best logical personalities ever to investigate on cell detoxification, sustenance, food supplies, and their impacts on modern society.

Clinical Studies

In the early years, NHNA’s teacher group showed healthful classes to a large number of clinical experts all through Southeast Asia. Understudies included clinical specialists, bone and joint specialists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, TCM specialists, dieticians, nutritionists, and health lovers. Therefore, Dr Jessie was urged to make this extraordinary nourishing preparation accessible to a more extensive crowd.

iTEC accredited

In 2006, in an organization with the International Therapist Examination Council (ITEC, UK), NHNA presented the Advanced Certificate in Diet & Nutrition and Nutritional Therapist Training course and started preparing and ensuring our students as Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (NTPs).

Convo 2023

In 2018, NHNA presented a nine-week, on web, Vocation Advancement course intended to give graduates and other wellness experts the assets they need to send off effective professions working with clients, building flourishing practices, and assisting with recuperating the world.

Distance Learning

In 2018, NHNA sent off Fundamental Wellness, our most memorable completely on the web, self-guided course for people hoping to work on their own well-being and the soundness of their families. This far-reaching, noteworthy program shows the basics of comprehensive health with components of nourishment, cooking, way of life, and care, and that’s just the beginning.

ANMA accredited

In 2022 the American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMA) incorporated the NHNA’s Nutritional Therapist Training Program in their Supported and Recommended Holistic Nutrition Education Programs. NHNA is likewise a Foundation Individual from the American Naturopathic Medical Association.

Practical Study

In 2022 NHNA extended our contributions to incorporate a completely on the web, educator drove Nutritional Therapy Consultant program.

Nutritional Therapist

NHNA is one of the most grounded main impetuses meaning to change mankind’s medical services essentially. We have prepared roughly more than 5,000 Nutritional Therapy Practitioners and Advisors around the world.